Saudi, US Seeking Hard to Hinder Tehran-Cairo Rapprochement

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TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior member of the Egyptian Al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun (Muslim Brotherhood) party said Washington and Riyadh are increasing pressures on Cairo to prevent resumption of bilateral ties between Iran and Egypt.

“A number of Arab and western countries have tried to impede normalization of Iran-Egypt ties and tried to sever Tehran-Cairo relations. In fact Saudi Arabia, the US and the Zionist regime (of Israel) have played the key role in this regard,” Kamal al-Halbawi told FNA on Monday.

He further cautioned that although pressures on the Egyptian government have already been heavy, Saudis and the western states still plan to intensify these pressures in coming days in a move to make Cairo give up its decision for resuming ties with Tehran.

Halbawi called on both Iran and Egypt to hold different conferences and seminars to combat these pressures and strengthen unity between the two countries.

“We shouldn’t feel fearful of the US and Israel’s pressures, and the ties between Iran and Egypt must be brotherly,” he stated.

Earlier in May, a prominent Egyptian figure cautioned that Israel and a number of Arab states, specially Saudi Arabia, are attempting to trouble resumption of ties between Iran and Egypt.

Speaking to FNA, Egypt’s Prominent Shiite Leader Rasim al-Nafis warned of certain states’ opposition to the establishment of strong ties between Tehran and Cairo, and stated, “The Arab Persian Gulf littoral states, including Saudi Arabia, the Zionist Regime of Israel and the remnants of (Hosni) Mubarak’s regime view the resumption of Tehran-Cairo ties as harmful to their interests and, thus, try to prevent resumption of these relations.”

On May 30, Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi voiced confidence about the improvement of relations between Iran and Egypt, but meantime said that resuming ties between the two Muslim states needs time and patience.

“Egypt is currently under certain pressure. Yet, the Egyptian government and nation are in consensus about the improvement of relations with Iran as soon as possible,” Salehi said at the time.

After the collapse of Hosni Mubarak’s regime, the Iranian and Egyptian officials voiced their interest in the resumption of diplomatic relations between the two countries and Salehi officially invited his Egyptian counterpart Nabil al-Arabi to pay a visit to Tehran.


Holy Quran will be burnt on next saturday

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Dear ummath,
Has anyone heard of this , by CHRISTIAN EXTREMISTS?

Carrefour refused to boycott Israeli/American/Denmark Products

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), McDonalds, Hardees, Burger King, Pizza Hutt & Starbucks have decided to buy Denmark Products to save their losses.
Boycott Denmark Products and Circulate this news to whoever you can
Denmark wants to Burn the Holy Quran on next Saturday in the large grounds in Coppenhagen (capital city of Denmark), in reply to the Islamic Boycott on their products.
Please let’s get together to boycott their products, and pray to Allah Almighty to show them the result of their intentions, which will be a lesson for the whole world.
Forward this to as many friends as you can.

Israel Continues Using WMDs against Palestinians

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┬áThe Israeli army continues using white phosphorous bombs against Palestinians as the regime’s onslaught on Gaza entered its 22nd day on Saturday.

Reports by the Hamas affiliated Al-Aqsa television that the Israeli army has hit residential areas in the Zaytun district by phosphorous bombs.

The Israeli phosphorous bombs also hit a UN school in Beit Lahia in northern Gaza early Saturday. According to medics and witnesses, the strike on the school, where civilians were sheltering from the fighting, has claimed the lives of a woman and a child, injuring eleven others.

Meanwhile, several explosions were heard as the Israeli army’s apache helicopters flew over Gaza and their tanks hit various locations in the outskirts of Gaza city.

The Israeli forces have also hit two more mosques in the Gaza City, press tv reported.

Different positions in the city have been targeted by Israeli forces since early Saturday.

Tel Aviv has escalated its bombing campaign on the besieged coastal strip as its ground forces met a fierce resistance from Palestinian fighters.

The Israeli military denies using the weapon against civilians, saying it is using white phosphorus shells only to create smokescreens to allow its ground forces to operate.

On January 11, Human Rights Watch announced that Israel had fired artillery shells with the incendiary agent white phosphorus into Gaza.

Since the start of the US-backed Israeli offensive against Gazans on December 27, at least 1,188 Palestinians have been killed and more than 5,300 others wounded — a large number of whom are civilians.

Tel Aviv says it launched the aggression against Gaza to put an end to rocket attacks against the Israeli towns.

The deadly Israeli onslaught has so far failed to stop Palestinian rocket attacks.

The Palestinian democratically-elected government of Hamas demands a cessation of an 18-month Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip before its fighters suspend the rocket attacks.

The coastal strip has been under a tight Israeli blockade after the movement won an overwhelming victory in Palestinian parliamentary elections. The Israeli blockade forbids the entry of basic supplies including food, fuel, medicine, turning the Strip into an “open prison”.

2 weeks and still going

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we found one blog for two persons from gaza & Sderot. this comment is last comment in this days. you can see this blog in this address:

I wish to thank all those who have commented and supported our effort in sending out our message. It is impossible for us during this time to answer any specific questions; however we read everything and thank you for your contribution.

An additional note: We post 95% of the comments and try not to censor comments.
Some comments that use abusive language or that we feel will cause more misunderstanding than understanding are not posted. The purpose of the blog is to further understanding of our reality and not be a platform for debate and blame.

We are now 2 weeks into the war.
1 week since the ground incursion and Peace man and I have been in very little contact since the. He is out of electricity 99% of the time and cannot charge his cell phone. Added to that is the fact that reception of cell phones from Gaza is almost nil, he has to be in a high and exposed place to talk. This endangers him so we have had very little contact.

It is a horrifying reality. Clearly the situation in Gaza is much worse than what we are experiencing, however I will share what we are going through so the complexity and absurdity can be understood.
On the Israeli side 1 million people are in the range of the rockets from Gaza. Many people have fled to safer areas in Israel. Most rockets are hitting in open areas, however some have injured civilians and lot’s of damage has been caused to homes and buildings. People are in constant fear and alert.
The war has created chaos in most of the southern part of Israel. No school or university studies, people are not allowed to crowd which means no weddings and other gatherings are not allowed, many businesses are closed and people have not been to work for 2 weeks.
I have personally spent most of the time in Sderot however my wife and kids have been out of the area for the whole time. Today we are all together again at home. The rockets are still hitting, however it feels good to be back home even in face of danger. We have been in this reality for 8 years so for us it seems amazingly normal.
Today has been a rather quiet day in Sderot, Only rocket alerts, no one hurt and no damage.

It feels rather normal however as I type, I can clearly hear the sounds of war. Blasts and planes, shooting and helicopters. A horrible war so close across the border.
I am horrified by the number of civilian casualties in Gaza. The civilians are to suffer once again from the brutality and incompetence of their leaders and this time the result is worse than ever.

For 4.5 months from June to November 2008 we had a cease fire. Only a very small amount of hostile actions from both sides were occurring. Our life was back to a very quiet and normal reality. The main problem was that for the Gazen civilians, the cease fire did not create any hope since there was an ongoing siege on Gaza.
Both sides were blaming each other. Israel claming that the Hamas is not abiding to the ceasefire since there were occasional rockets and the arms smuggling continued, and Hamas claiming that Israel is not fulfilling its part since the siege continued.
This war has broken out for the simple reason that neither side was willing to make a serious effort to avoid it. Both sides were sharpening their swords waiting for the next horrible round.
Was there no other option? Of course there was!
Both sides state that on the other side there is no partner to talk to. However the initial cease fire was achieved by talks. Indirect talks but that is only a technicality.
We all know that sometime (hopefully very soon) there will be some kind of agreement and both sides will talk. We all know that this agreement will not disarm either side and remove the treat of future hostilities. However it will be reached. Why then did so many civilians have to pay such an appalling price for the stupidity and incompetence of our leaders? I am both furious, heartbroken to see how our region has fallen so deep into this tragedy which could have been avoided in the first place.

More bombings are heard from my home across the border, deepening the pain, suffering and hatred.

Once this is over there will be so much work to be done to build any kind of hopeful future. We keep this dialog going to make it just a bit easier when it ends.


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Providing childcare

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Helping Ladies across the street..

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