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Holy Quran will be burnt on next saturday

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Dear ummath,
Has anyone heard of this , by CHRISTIAN EXTREMISTS?

Carrefour refused to boycott Israeli/American/Denmark Products

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), McDonalds, Hardees, Burger King, Pizza Hutt & Starbucks have decided to buy Denmark Products to save their losses.
Boycott Denmark Products and Circulate this news to whoever you can
Denmark wants to Burn the Holy Quran on next Saturday in the large grounds in Coppenhagen (capital city of Denmark), in reply to the Islamic Boycott on their products.
Please let’s get together to boycott their products, and pray to Allah Almighty to show them the result of their intentions, which will be a lesson for the whole world.
Forward this to as many friends as you can.



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Providing childcare

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Helping Ladies across the street..

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KASIYAS and NADAL convict israel crimes in GAZA strip

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KASIYAS and NADAL are two Spanish champions in world. As you know NADAL is first tennis player in world.


KASIYAS and NADAL said “we don’t take part in new year ceremonies because of Israel crimes in Gaza strip”

 In addition NADAL emphasized”      I can not forget children in GAZA .Spanish people love me because I love humans.”

KASIYAS said “we can not smile when we sea the crimes in GAZA strip”


todays WAR

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Do you know? We are in the middle of the war, exactly , if we want or don’t. we have accepted and should accept that Muslims has an enemy. This enemy has made an attempt on our life and he doesn’t cut it of until we were destroyed.

The jews and the christians will never be pleased with you, until you follow their faith.( sursh baghareh, verse 120)

From the begining of adam’s (p.b.u.h) entrance to the earth until now there is a person that spend all of his life for annihilating the others. He just can do this.

I will lie in ambush for mankind on your right way (surah al-a’raf, verse 16)

Can you stay comfortable and do your work? No problem . but if you think so you shall do sth, in the name of god. All the time , anywhere.

We should understand where is today’s war. May be it’s better to say that we could find appearance of this war in different ways. Politic, culture, military and other area that you can see truth in front of null, is part of this battle. Whether it’s shameful European caricatures or opposition with islamic resistance of Lebanon or killing of shitte in yemen. There are many of these sample and I know you recognize them better than me. We have to fight Zionists, not just for occupancy of palestine but because of we are Muslim’s.

Economy is also one of these fronts if we don’t say it’s one of the most important area of them. It’s simple-heartedness if we say there is an enemy that uses all of his power against us but he forgets international market and economy.

why he shouldn’t use from this powerful tools for damaging us?  You will find the most violent in enmity to the believers are the jews and the pagans (surah al-maidah, verse 82)

now that we know this war is continuing and we can’t limit it to the politic and culture so we should fasten our belt and cut off on enemy’s hand’s from our economic life.

world without israil

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a world without israil, is surely much more beautiful

Praise be to Allah lord of the universe