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Saudi, US Seeking Hard to Hinder Tehran-Cairo Rapprochement

Posted in news on June 15, 2011 by azizzadeh

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior member of the Egyptian Al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun (Muslim Brotherhood) party said Washington and Riyadh are increasing pressures on Cairo to prevent resumption of bilateral ties between Iran and Egypt.

“A number of Arab and western countries have tried to impede normalization of Iran-Egypt ties and tried to sever Tehran-Cairo relations. In fact Saudi Arabia, the US and the Zionist regime (of Israel) have played the key role in this regard,” Kamal al-Halbawi told FNA on Monday.

He further cautioned that although pressures on the Egyptian government have already been heavy, Saudis and the western states still plan to intensify these pressures in coming days in a move to make Cairo give up its decision for resuming ties with Tehran.

Halbawi called on both Iran and Egypt to hold different conferences and seminars to combat these pressures and strengthen unity between the two countries.

“We shouldn’t feel fearful of the US and Israel’s pressures, and the ties between Iran and Egypt must be brotherly,” he stated.

Earlier in May, a prominent Egyptian figure cautioned that Israel and a number of Arab states, specially Saudi Arabia, are attempting to trouble resumption of ties between Iran and Egypt.

Speaking to FNA, Egypt’s Prominent Shiite Leader Rasim al-Nafis warned of certain states’ opposition to the establishment of strong ties between Tehran and Cairo, and stated, “The Arab Persian Gulf littoral states, including Saudi Arabia, the Zionist Regime of Israel and the remnants of (Hosni) Mubarak’s regime view the resumption of Tehran-Cairo ties as harmful to their interests and, thus, try to prevent resumption of these relations.”

On May 30, Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi voiced confidence about the improvement of relations between Iran and Egypt, but meantime said that resuming ties between the two Muslim states needs time and patience.

“Egypt is currently under certain pressure. Yet, the Egyptian government and nation are in consensus about the improvement of relations with Iran as soon as possible,” Salehi said at the time.

After the collapse of Hosni Mubarak’s regime, the Iranian and Egyptian officials voiced their interest in the resumption of diplomatic relations between the two countries and Salehi officially invited his Egyptian counterpart Nabil al-Arabi to pay a visit to Tehran.


One out of four Gaza fatalities civilian, says UN

Posted in holocaust, news on December 31, 2008 by azizzadeh

More than 390 Palestinians have been killed since the start of the Israeli campaign on Gaza, and some 1,900 others are reported wounded

According to many Western media outlets, the ongoing strikes, which have now entered their fifth day, are the ugliest massacre Palestine has witnessed in decades. 

“A minimum of 25 percent of all those killed are civilians and it may well be far higher,” Christopher Gunness, a spoksman for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, told AFP on Wednesday

The UN figures come as Israel rejected an international proposal for a 48-hour humanitarian aid truce in Israeli offensive on Gaza. 

“The cabinet decided to continue with the military operation,” a senior Israeli official said Wednesday. 



KASIYAS and NADAL convict israel crimes in GAZA strip

Posted in attacks, down with israel, news on December 31, 2008 by azizzadeh


KASIYAS and NADAL are two Spanish champions in world. As you know NADAL is first tennis player in world.


KASIYAS and NADAL said “we don’t take part in new year ceremonies because of Israel crimes in Gaza strip”

 In addition NADAL emphasized”      I can not forget children in GAZA .Spanish people love me because I love humans.”

KASIYAS said “we can not smile when we sea the crimes in GAZA strip”


20,000 Iranians Register to Fight Israel

Posted in news on December 31, 2008 by azizzadeh

Some 7,000 Iranian students in the central city of Isfahan have volunteered to fight for Palestine against Israel while more students are signing up in Tehran.

“On the first day of registration to fight Zionist regime and to help Palestinians, 7,000 students from the universities of Isfahan have claimed readiness,” Mohammad Zarifi, member of Iran’s Students Islamic Association told FNA.

Also in the day, another Iranian students group, Basij (Volunteer) Students of Tehran Universities, announced it is registering volunteers to fight Israel.

The registration came a day after Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issued a religious decree saying whoever dies in fight with Israel and in defense of Gaza would be a martyr.

Ayatollah Khamenei’s religious decree was not considered a government decision and did not oblige the government to launch attacks against Israel.

Leader’s Message

Posted in news on December 30, 2008 by azizzadeh

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei in his message condemned the genocide in Gaza and while calling the Zionists as blasphemers said that all crusaders of Palestine and the Muslim world are duty-bound to defend the defenseless children and women of Gaza Strip. Attacks on Gaza show that Israel is trying to create another human tragedy in the occupied territories. The message of Ayatollah Khamenei tells Muslims that they should unite against Israel’s atrocities in the occupied territories and do something to stop the killing of innocent civilians in Gaza. If the Muslims throughout the world, especially in Arab countries considered people of Gaza as Muslim and Arab and they pressured their leader to do something against the Israeli aggressions in the Palestinian territories, the Zionist regime of Israel would not dare to kill so many Palestinians now. Maybe the time is now ripe for the Muslim nations to revolt against their mercenary rulers. Why have international human rights organizations have kept silent at so many crimes in the occupied territories? Aren’t the crimes against Palestinians considered as crimes against humanity?